Swimming for Fitness and Weight Loss

Of all the many different ways there are of keeping yourself fit and healthy as well as maintaining a stable weight, swimming is one of the best all round exercises you can do. Not only is swimming a great way of exercising all the major muscle groups in your body, it is also a lot of fun! This is what perhaps makes it such a popular sport as well as a way of enjoying yourself while you stay slim and healthy. As weight loss tips go, this is surely one of the best from an exercise point of view and one that almost anyone of any age can do.

There are some things that you ought to know in order to make the experience more fulfilling while getting the most from its excellent exercise benefits. While the fun side of swimming includes splashing around with some friends and having a great time, the serious side should also be taken into consideration every time you visit your local pool.

When you plan to go to the pool, set aside a portion of your time for serious swimming as an exercise. Then afterwards, use the remaining time to have some fun. This way you will always look forward to going to the pool for a swim and it will never seem like a chore, but more like a way of having some much needed, stress busting fun.

Swim towards the edge

For the serious side of the session, you should set yourself achievable goals in the number of pool lengths you will swim that day and try to achieve or even exceed them. Each visit, increase that goal slightly and vary the type of swimming stroke you will use. For instance, you may start out by aiming to swim one length doing the crawl, one doing breast stroke and another doing another type of style that you like to do such as side-stroke or back-stroke. You may well feel like doing more, but to begin with it is best to restrict the number of lengths to break you in gently and avoid any muscle damage. The next time you visit, you can increase your goal to two lengths of each stroke. After that, keep increasing the number of lengths and before you know it you’ll be swimming for half an hour or so quite comfortably. By the time you get to that stage, of course your body will have toned up considerably with less flab and you’ll have noticed a reduction on your weight.

As long as following the serious part of swimming for weight loss you do some fun stuff, it will always be something you’ll look forward to doing. Going to the pool three or more times a week is perfect to build up your stamina and strength and something that will ensure your health and fitness is greatly enhanced for as long as you enjoy doing it.

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